Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa at The Gaia Hotel Bandung

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The Gaia Hotel Bandung, known for its Active/Rest philosophy, proudly launches Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa. The Active/Rest philosophy offers a stay experience where the guests can choose to dial up or tone down to define the quality and nature of their rest. One of the pillars of Active/Rest is wellness, supported by facilities like fitness centre, outdoor exercise facilities, and now, Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa.

The spa experience offered by Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa comprises two parts, which are to empty and to fill, focusing on repairing and restoring rituals. Massage therapies and natural products are utilised to achieve physical and mental relief, as well as deeper rest, leading to effective detoxification, circulation improvement and relieving muscle knots. When the repair part has completed, the restoration of energy and wellness will follow.

Presenting an array of therapeutic treatments, the offers vary from compact 30-minute rituals to elaborate two-hour therapies. Most of the treatments on offer are suitable for physically active individuals with healing qualities, like sports massage and foot reflexology. Furthermore, guests who are looking for a more extensive and thorough relaxation can opt for deep tissue massage therapy, lymphatic massage therapy and sleep therapy, using all-natural products.

The name Sepik is inspired by one of the 10 most important rivers in the world located in New Guinea. As one of the last remaining undisturbed natural environments in the world, Sepik River resonates with the name Gaia, which means mother nature or earth. Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa carries promises of natural by using all-natural products; empowering by the repair-and-restore rituals on offer; and holistic by offering thorough treatments that are beneficial for the wellness in the long run.

The launching of Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa on 30 January 2023 is marked with the “Make Way for Renewal” event. Media friends and VIPs are invited to experience a one-night stay at the hotel filled with health and wellness-oriented programmes, including Sepik Experience, Wellness Class and Healthy Breakfast.

In addition to Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa, The Gaia Hotel Bandung presents a state-of-the-art gym and outdoor exercise facilities like a jogging path. The gym is complemented with ERG or rowing machines, comprehensive body sculpting and weight lifting equipment, as well as an outdoor bouldering wall for those who enjoy thrilling challenges. Furthermore, in-house fitness experts are ready to assist you with your workout regimens, or even create bespoke bootcamp programmes – perfect for working up a sweat before going on a pampering session at Sepik Massage Therapy & Spa.