Artist Profile: Erwin Windu Pranata

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Mega Suryalaya / A Little Piece of Cloud from Heaven

November 2021

Stainless Steel Installation

Erwin Windu Pranata


Erwin Windu Pranata is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bandung, Indonesia. He is interested in working methods that find the connection between art and everyday life, because for him art is a manifestation of life experiences. Erwin completed his final studies at the Master of Fine Arts program at ITB in year 2021. Erwin who is usually called Ewing specializes in various media, especially 3-dimensional works, or using ready-made objects found and also makes use of popular culture as a subject.

Ewing once again uses art to speak about everyday life and experiences. In this commissioned work, Ewing presents a sculpture titled “Mega Suryalaya”, which means a piece of cloud from heaven.

This glossy stainless-steel sculpture brings three present elements together through the reflections: the sky, the surrounding mountains and the gallant architecture of The Gaia Hotel Bandung. Carefully thought to respond to this environment, Mega Suryalaya seemingly “floats” in the midst of the Infinity Pool, as if a little piece of the sky has descended, bringing nature closer to people. On its surface guests can observe reflections of the surrounding nature as well as the gallant structures of The Gaia Hotel Bandung.

Besides his passion for art, he is also an active member of two musical groups, Landscape with the folk genre progressive and A Stone A, a noise rock band. Erwin is also actively working with his collective counterparts in Omnispace.