Artist Profile: Bagus Pandega

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November 2021

Interactive Light Installation

Bagus Pandega


Born in 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Bagus Pandega graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung, Indonesia) with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) in 2008, majoring in Sculpture. His work has been exhibited in Jakarta, Taipei, London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Singapore, Manila, Stuttgart, Utrecht, and Beirut with recent exhibitions including Condo London 2020 at Project Native Informant, London (2020) A Pervasive Rhythm at Yamamoto Gendai, Tokyo (2018) Distorted Alteration at Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei (2018) Random Black at ROH Projects, Jakarta (2016), and Prudential Eye Zone, Artscience Museum, Singapore (2015) 

Consisting of 220 lamps sourced and collected across Bandung, this installation is an analogy of the city’s history, community as well as its vision.

Each lamp is hung upside down as if guests are looking at it from above, creating a different perspective.

Working primarily through kinetics, sounds and lights, Pandega often challenges the pre-conditioned relationship between objects and their audience by emphasizing the notion of the physical space around the latter.  His inclination in assembling together various electronic systems as ‘modules’ in his work and constant medium explorations of voice recorders, cassette and record players, lamps, and electronic circuit boards to name a few, plays with the accumulation of perceptions. His passion for audience interaction through movement, sounds, and lights produce the commissioned work for The Gaia Hotel Bandung, titled “Echoes”.

“Echoes” is a light installation that brings the past and the present together to paint a picture of the future. Consisting of 220 lamps sourced from antique stores across Bandung, this installation is an analogy of the city’s history, society as well as vision. Each lamp has its own story and past, illuminating the surroundings and quietly witnessing the development of this endearing city.

220 lamps sourced and collected across Bandung

220 lamps sourced and collected across Bandung

Created for an interactive experience, “Echoes” invites guests to participate in creating a beautiful future of the city by lighting up the installation through physical gestures and sounds. The contrasting combination of vintage objects and digital technology makes for multiple feedback to the audience, engaging the audience in a contemporary evocative experience. The installation is also activated by data from the environment it resides in, such as local humidity, temperature, and in this case The Gaia Hotel’s occupancy. 

The oldest lamp - circa 1950s

The oldest lamp - circa 1950s